Inner Voice

Inner Voice is kindly shared by Rajeev Upadhye.

This is a guided meditation to restore broken mind-body connection of modern civilized man.

I was motivated to develop this 55 minute track after going through medical literature on the link between stress and T-cell production in the body.

This track can be used by anyone but I would like this track to be used for all those who have history of immuno-deficiency.

Note, before trying Inner Voice please be aware that:

Some of you may not be able to listen to the human voice in this track. You will hear suggestion more clearly in the second or third listening. This happens due to two possible reasons:

  1. As the track is intended to de-stress you, many of you immediately fall asleep or go in the alpha-theta state. In this state, some of you feel that you are awake but in reality you are sleeping (if you ask your friend or partner they will testify it - because some of you start snoring loudly!!). Now, in this state, your conscious mind will NOT attend to all the suggestions, but they will be accepted and registered into subconscious mind. So, not being able to listen suggestions is perfectly normal.
  2. Your ear's response to certain types of voices may not be good.

No Mind

I have uploaded a free companion track for Inner Voice. The title of this track is "No Mind" and it's duration is 25 min. This track entrains the mind for the theta to delta range and hence it is good for meditation and healing.

This track doesn't have suggestions and immediately one goes into a dreamy state. No effort should be made to avoid this dreamy state. I am sure people will like this state of mind for getting insights.


Inner Voice MP3 file 25MB
No Mind MP3 file 9MB

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