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Creating Your Reality
Lucid Dream and OBE Guide by Saltcube
Robert Peterson's OBE Book
The Science of Getting Rich
Carlos Castenada's Don Juan Teachings
Veritas Academy eBooks
Kenny Ensor's links to online books
Sub Rosa magazine
The Rudolph Steiner archive including Knowledge of Higher Worlds and it's attainment

Libraries and Individual Articles

Astral Dynamics - Robert Bruce's large collection of AP tutorials and articles
International Academy of Consciousness
Lucid dreaming reference texts
Wisdom's Door library
BuddhaNet - Buddha Dharma Education Association
James Spottiswoode and Associates - parapsychology technical papers
C.W. Leadbeater's works
Plotinus' esoteric archive
Bruce A. Moen articles
Lucid dreaming and sleep article collection
Dream guide and sleep resources

Audio and Video

Binaural/subliminal mp3s, links to free eBooks - for physical and mental health, altered states of consciousness.
LucidQuest's binaural soundscapes - to induce different states.
The Elegant Universe - multiple dimensions and string theory videos


SBAGEN - free command line binaural generator with features similar to Brainwave Generator
Virtual Hypnotist